Twenty Five Wonderful Years

A room full of combine harvesters is as un-romantic as you can get
But it was in just such a setting that Lesley and Ian first met
As Ian lay under a tractor, often the view that he’d see
Was of Lesley’s very lovely legs as she brought the lads their tea
But Ian was off to work elsewhere and Lesley was spoken for
So any future for the pair of you was looking less than sure
But no sooner had Lesley decided to finish with her mate
Than Ian wasted no time at all and asked her out for a date
Out they went, and had a lovely time, in fact they had so much fun
Ian kept Lesley past her curfew and had to say sorry to her mum
One thing led to another and after only little while
Ian was walking Iesley up the aisle in style
A sunny day at Hawkesbury Church – even the dog played a part
A village affair with everyone there, a quietly meaningful start
Since that day you’ve grown together, through good times and bad
Lent your strength, support and love, in happy times and sad
Family is at your centre and you are true and loyal friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
You’re rightly proud of your children, both wonderful in their way
And both of them delighted to share in your special day
The importance of a loving family has always meant the world to you
And with rugby and singing and work and life you’ve always got lots to do
In twenty five wonderful years you’ve managed to pack in some fun
With gondolas and dolphins and holidays in the sun
You’ve met some fantastic people as you’ve gone along life’s way
And one or two who, sadly, couldn’t make it here today
We know Lesley’s missing seeing Lisa’s smiling mug
But remember you’ll be together soon for a lovely best friend hug!
Everyone here today has meant so much in your life
And is honoured and proud to celebrate your success as husband and wife
It’s really is very fortunate, Lesley could find any tractor’s part
And it really is very fortunate she found her way into Ian’s heart
Twenty five happy years is something to commemorate for sure
And I believe you’re bound to achieve at least twenty five more!