The Stanway Family Mix

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was just Mummy and me
Then along came Mark, my wonderful dad, to make us a fabulous three
Then Jake was added into the mix and Rhys decided to arrive
So we went from being a fabulous three to being a fantastic five
Since we’ve all been together the love has grown and grown
And I’m sure Daddy’s much happier now than when he was on his own!
He’s lucky he’s got Mummy she really is quite a find
She looks after all of us and is caring, thoughtful and kind
And Daddy works very hard too and is also good at cooking
And both of them seem to think the other is really quite good looking!
I think they both like friends and fun and walking most of all
But we prefer to go to the park and kick around a ball
We know they do so much for us which is why we’re really glad
That we’re here to share this special day as Mummy marries Dad
It’s the joining of friends and relatives too – all our kith and kin
With nannies and grandads and cousins and aunts all of them mixed in
It’s the finishing touch to our family – we’ll all be just the same
As Mummy and me and the other three will finally have the same name!