Sixty Years Young

Sixty years you’ve been on the planet and when I look back over your life
I’m proud and happy that so many of them have been spent with me as your wife
I feel like we’ve grown up together – I really wouldn’t change a minute
As everything that’s good about life is usually because you’re in it
You’re quite the mechanical marvel and I really have to say
I don’t know what we’d do without you and your WD40 spray
You’re the king of flat pack furniture – a whiz with a hammer and nail
Although there’s always an injury involved, and swearing without fail
But no matter how many ‘f’ words there are or how enormous the disaster
You’re a man who’s stoic in the face of pain and you’ll never accept a plaster
You’re mad about motor sports on the box and taking the dogs for a stroll
Although I’ve a suspicion your en route beer is often the ultimate goal
You’re a bit of David Bailey and often, whether we like it or not,
We’re made to stand around freezing, while you wait for the perfect shot
In your working life there’ve been tunnels and towers whose designs you’ve had to determine
Before making the move to your present position in the glamorous world of vermin!
You love bridges and buildings – especially when the scale’s impressive
But I’m beginning to think your love of the Shard is bordering on obsessive!
We’ve made some fabulous friends down the years – Lynne and Paul and Jeff and Val
Not forgetting David, and Diane, your special ‘Bad Knees’ pal
As a father you’ve been exemplary doing Lou’s after-pub run
And looking after Adrian when he’s had a bit too much ‘fun’
We’ve had some hilarious holidays – and adventure has always been found
Like the time we lay relaxing by the pool as Lou nearly drowned!
We’ve done the med in sun and rain and taken caravanning to heart
And pony trekked, which on a shire horse, is quite an impressive art
You’ve put up with my ‘projects’ over the years, supported me in all I do
No matter the fact that my plan of attack is usually making work for you
Our wedding day was a disaster, the honeymoon pictures went wrong
But as for the future we built together, well that’s still going strong
And here’s to what’s yet to come and some geriatric romancing
I think we’ll make our diamond do – if we just avoid ballroom dancing
So from the very bottom of my heart I say ‘Happy Birthday, Tony!’
You’re sixty years young and you’re still loads of fun and you’re still my one and only