Our Peg

Super-Peg, Nanny-Peg, good old Peg to the end
A wonderful wife and mother, a true and loyal friend
Anyone who knew her will always picture her winning smile
And wonderful sense of humour that she carried off with style
One of life’s great looker-afters and always very funny
Whether wiping faces with hankies or counting dinner money
Stitching things and fixing things and making things nice and clean
From curry-stained T-shirts to paint-spattered jeans
Helping in the garden passing on what she knew
From tickling tomatoes to keeping hydrangeas blue!
Even Sam the dog was privy to her gardening thoughts
As she’d talk to him in the greenhouse in her wellies and baggy shorts
The smell of ironing and cabbage will always conjure her up
As she was happiest loading dinner plates and filling every cup
The taste of delicious fruit cake, combined with a piping hot brew
No matter what the crisis she knew just what to do
She was creative and capable, painting and knitting
Always busy busy, never just sitting
Whether dancing in the rain, or holidaying in the sun
She knew how to the capture the moment – how to have fun
Her marriage was a testament to her long and happy life
A friend and companion, a truly beloved wife
A super mum and nanny who lit up any room
Roaring with laughter, lighting up the gloom
Always full of mischief, gently pulling someone’s leg
We love her and we miss her – fabulous, funny, Peg