Mr and Mrs James

When two people meet for the first time, who knows what fate has in mind
Whether they’ll be ships that pass in the night, or forever intertwined
Paul and Caroline were often together, sometimes for as long as a week
Where they’d wine and dine and party, but somehow not manage to speak
Which is odd as Paul’s quite the chatterbox, but perhaps he felt a bit wary
When Caroline would turn up stressed and late and had the nickname ‘Scary’
It’s true Caroline can be intimidating she’s opinionated, confident and strong
But really she thinks that’s fair enough, as she’s very rarely wrong!
And Paul’s not the shy and retiring type, which is why it’s a little bit funny
That they only plucked up courage to kiss when he was dressed as a giant bunny!
So Little Red Riding Hood bagged her rabbit and their future path was set
And they certainly made up for all the lost time that had passed since they first met
They were seeing each other at weekends – doing the long-distance romance thing
Until Paul’s wardrobe was full of Caroline’s clothes and he realised she’d moved in
And after a disastrous Valentine’s meal, they realised something had to give
And they moved out of London and definitely found the most wonderful place to live
And as if that wasn’t enough of a fairy-tale ending, Paul decided to propose
So a romantic weekend in Budapest was the setting that he chose
But two sick dogs scuppered their plans and Paul ended up doing his bit
Surrounded by soggy carpets at home in a bedroom that smelled …. really rather unpleasant!
And then gorgeous little Sam was on the way and although they swear the proposal came first
We have a sneaking suspicion, those events might have happened in reverse
But it’s really not important because, at the end of the day
You’re both simply perfect for each other, in every single way
You’re both hard-working and generous, thoughtful, kind and caring
And together you’ve a future that is simply made for sharing
You’ve dealt with whatever life has brought, and supported each other through
And any challenges you face will serve to strengthen the bond between you two
I know that everyone here today is so happy to be part of your life
As you go from being the best of friends to being husband and wife
And I’m sure Sam will be delighted that when it comes to names
Mummy, Daddy, the dogs and him will all go by James
So here’s to the future – may it be filled with love, laughter and kisses
For Mr Giant Bunny and his Little Red Riding Hood Mrs!