Mr and Mrs Day

Hanging around in the shop after school – Rhodri first spotted his Mrs
But it was years before fate intervened with a future of love-hearts and kisses
In fact although in the small-town way they bumped into each other quite a lot
It wasn’t until a gig in Cardiff they realised just what they’d got
Not only a shared love of the Stereophonics but a match in every way
And side-by-side they realised is where they wanted to stay
But there was distance in between them at the start of their romance
With Rhodri going to Birmingham whenever he got the chance
It was there Sarah impressed him, with the speed at which she bought frocks
And she let him take her to the pub and watch football on the box
You’re a match made in heaven, both thoughtful, kind and caring
And together you’ve a future that is truly made for sharing
You have the same values in life, both love family and friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
You bring out the best in each other and let each other shine
And I know that whatever the future brings – together you’ll be just fine
There is a well-known saying that opposites attract
And in some ways, with the two of you, that seems to be a fact
Sarah likes to get things done, whilst Rhodri’s just plain lazy
He’s happy to sit on his bum all day – and that drives Sarah crazy!
Today is a celebration, a sealing of the deal
Of the love and commitment the two of you both feel
Rhodri I have to say, if I’d searched the world from end to end
I couldn’t have chosen a nicer guy to be with my best friend
Today is the beginning, a new phase in the life you share
Knowing wherever your journey takes you the other will always be there
You’ve found such happiness already and that’s how it’s going to stay
As you head off into the future as Mr and Mrs Day
So just keep doing what you do, keep up the love and laughter
And it seems to me, you’re guaranteed, a happy ever after!