Mr and Mrs Buitenwerf

Working out down the gym Dave had a sporting chance

To impress the Crossfit judges and find a new romance
But when Christine approached him with a bit of friendly chat
He gave her the brush off and she thought that was that
But they socialised together as part of the sporty team
And Dave got to chance again romance over some ice-cream
This time he didn’t blow it, he must have taken care
As they went to Tim Horton’s single, and came out as a pair!
Since they’ve been together they’ve moved at quite a pace
Moving in and out again to find their perfect place
In fact they’ve no more time for the gym there’s just so much to do
Renovating their beautiful house and making it good as new
That gives them quite a work out, although Dave could do with more
Like doing a bit of bending to pick his undies off the floor!
He leaves the cupboards open too and yogurt pots by the bed
And he sleep walks whilst saying just whatever’s in his head
But then Chris has her quirks too, Dave’s new Italian wife
Can’t even boil spaghetti, she can’t cook to save her life
Dave’s filled with disbelief he thinks it’s quite pathetic
He thought the Italian cooking thing was mean to be genetic

She’s also a cereal offender, eating breakfast whilst driving cross town
Knowing full well if she gets caught, it’s a thousand dollars down
Which as Dave likes to watch his pennies, brings him out in a rash
You’ll never meet anyone more careful, when parting with their cash
But, what can I say, these little things are outweighed by a lot
As it’s wonderful and magical what the two of you have got
Chris you’ve had to brace yourself to rub along with the Dutch
But we have to say, in every way, we love you very much
You’re a match made in heaven, both love family and friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
A trip to Blueberry Island was the thing that sealed the deal
On the love and commitment that you obviously feel
So here’s to a wonderful future filled with laughter and kisses
As along with being the best of friends, you’re also Mr and Mrs!