Kyra and Gareth

Kyra and Gareth are getting married – a match made in heaven you can tell
And they’d like you to join them at Hold Beach, Malta, at the Riviera Hotel
At 7.30pm the celebrations will start
And they would be more than delighted if you would play a part
In their very special evening of palm trees, lanterns and lights
Food and drink and music on this most wonderful of nights
The dress-code is open – we’ll leave it up to you –
We want you to feel comfortable at our magical beachside do
We have images of sun-frocks and linen as Malta is very hot
But if that’s not what you’re into – come in what you’ve got!
And as for bringing presents, there really is no need
Although money towards our honeymoon would be very kind indeed
We feel like we were made for each other and our future was made to share
With our joint love of food and music and our matching curly hair
So please join us to celebrate our little piece of heaven

On Friday 17th June 2011