Little Katie-bell in the middle, here you are at sweet sixteen
And I have to say, you’re the best middle daughter there has ever been
You are the morning mommy, you get breakfast underway
And I don’t know what Kassy would do without you at the start of her day
It’s amazing you’re so good in the morning, as I know you love your sleep
But then you always hit the hay early – no need for counting sheep
You’re mad about hip-hop dancing and, of course, cheerleading too
And going along to Young Life is just what you like to do
We hope you’re happy in Naperville, we think life’s pretty great
Although, I’m aware that Texas, is actually your favourite state!
Thanks for helping me with the ’51 Willy, the greatest truck by far
Although I guess, it’s second best, when what you really want is a car!
Although your mom’s not too keen on your driving, it always gives her a fright
I don’t know why, as I’m the one who taught you, and I think I taught you right!
I know you love to belt out a song, although I have to say, given the choice
I might prefer if you stuck with cheering – a much better use for your voice!
You’ve always made me proud of you, and always brought me joy
In fact the only thing that brings me down is when you go out with a boy
But then you’re getting all grown up and I know that right from the start
You’ve been so kind and loving with such a generous heart
You’re the most beautiful and thoughtful person that there has ever been
The most lovely girl, in all the world, happy birthday sweet sixteen!