Happy Birthday, Val

When I set my mind to Val’s wonderful life it really got me thinking
And the thing we most admire about her has got to be her drinking!
She’s the hostess with the mostess, a proper party queen
She’s made the most of the high life, everywhere she’s been
She started as a fashionista before jetting off with BA
A proper trolley pusher, partying all the way
But then came her wonderful kids and a quieter side to life
Being a fabulous mother and an equally amazing wife
And still the wanderlust continued hopping from place to place
Putting down roots and making new friends a smile always on her face
When you settled in Texas for a while, it really made our day
It really is a pity that you just weren’t able to stay
But you can be safe in the knowledge, that given another chance
I’d happily revisit with you the coffee table dance!
We saw out Hurricane Rita together, helped by a big box of booze
And you rescued your prized possession – your pair of Jimmy Choos
We love your tempestuous relationship with Mark – you give as good as you get
But really you love each other as much as the day when you first met
You share the same values in life, both love family and friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
You’re such a social butterfly, even when Mark goes off working
But then he has to keep you in bags – you love your Hermes and your Birkin
You’re mad about your yoga and when you need some R & R
There’s nothing you like better than retreating to a spa
Mark never gets a sentence finished he always has to stop
As you simply ignore his input and talk over the top
You’ve had to be adaptable settling in new places
Leaving behind familiar friends and seeking out new faces
But through it all you’re always smiling, looking out for fun
Whether ski-ing down a mountain, or surfing in the sun
We’re glad the wind blew you our way, even for a while
As everything you ever do is always done with style
And so it is with your birthday, a veritable vision in white
Celebrating fifty fantastic years and getting it just right
Really Vi and I grateful to have you as our pal
And by now I should think, you need that drink – so Happy Birthday Val!