Happy Birthday Mike!

When you move to a new neighbourhood, it can be a bore
If you find that you can’t stand the family next door
In 2002 we moved next door to Barbara and Mike
And within a day, had to say, what was there not to like?
Mike’s a proper Texan – living the American dream
Although he’s a disappointed, right now, with his favourite football team
He’s a hunting, shooting, man about town, big trucks and cowboy boots
He may be quite the business man but he’s true to his Texan roots
He does everything at supersonic speed, and loves the latest tech
And everything he does in life is done to the highest spec
In fact when they tried to move away from Violet and me
We quickly did a reccy to see if the plot beside theirs was free
We then got Mike to build us a fabulous house next door
And for the next nine years we carried on just as we had before
In fact when we finally came to move after being neighbours for fifteen years
The wrench was so distressing it reduced us all to tears!
But at least we’ve still got Max in common our favourite handy man
And, really part of the family, the Feign/Ferguson clan
Mike’s an incredibly hard worker, but he also finds time to play
Especially when Bobby and Bogden, the in-laws come to stay!
He’s famous for his barbeques – it’s the Texan way of eating
And being from rainy Scotland there’s no way I’m competing
We’ve also done the wine thing before, the amount we drank was crazy
And the memories, all wonderful, are also a wee bit hazy
Except the French Laundry, where we really had a laugh
Despite the ‘exotic’ menu and the super stuck-up staff
Mike’s a proper grafter, as ‘Main Street America’ goes to show
It’s been truly amazing watching his business grow and grow
He’s a proper family man, with Barbara at his side
And Rachal and Matt, in all they do, fill them both with pride
And looking back to his father, Ralph, is truly humbling too
And I’m sure he’s also there, somewhere, in everything you do
So, Mike you’ve made the big 5-0 – that’s quite an impressive score
So Happy Birthday, my fabulous friend, and here’s to fifty more!