For Russ

Russ, it’s official, you’re now married to our mum
You said your vows, out loud, in front of everyone
You’re part of the family, our main man
And we’ll try to welcome you as best we can
We love your cuddles you give out bear hugs galore
And I know more about cars than I ever did before
You’re a good listener, I always tell you stuff
And when it comes to your chilli, we can’t get enough
As the man about the house, you’ve got what it takes
Although you’re still quite shocked by how early Sam wakes
You’ve got to be the tidiest person we have ever met
But it was you that dropped the paint tin, which we’ll never forget
We’re glad that you came along and that you’re here to stay
Although Mum’s had to teach you, you don’t always get your way
We know you’re going to be very happy, we can feel it in our bones
Although it will be a little weird that Mum is Mrs Jones
We love having you around, and love everything you do
And even love being Monster One and Monster Two
Thank you for being you and for being in our life
We’re so proud and happy that Mum is now your wife
And you can be happy too, as now you’re through our door
We think you’re probably more Welsh than you ever were before!