For Mum and Dad

Way back when in the 90s Mum worked in a jewellery store
In came Dad to fit new shelves – and Mum liked what she saw
He invited her to his Christmas do but ended up the worse for wear
Perhaps not the best of beginnings to the future they would share
But when Mum needed a place to stay – the opportunity seemed heaven sent
Dad happily offered her his spare room – she still hasn’t paid any rent!
From that first meeting in ’96 they got along just fine
And sealed the deal on the love they feel with a wedding in ‘99
They truly are the best of friends, a devoted husband and wife
Although, you must agree that Finn and me are the best thing in their life
Dad loves keeping his lawn neat and tidy – Mum’s weed piles drive him mad
And there wouldn’t be a cat left in the neighbourhood if we left it up to Dad
Always go to Dad for the breakfast fry-up, is the one thing we have learnt
As Mum’s not great in the kitchen and her sausages are always burnt
She’s not much of drinker either – tea to Dad’s beer
Although worryingly she seems to have got the taste for gin this year
Dad used to be dog man, until Mum said Rance couldn’t stay
The drum-kit and the reclining chair both went a similar way
They make each other laugh every day and often they like to cry
Usually at weird things on the box, me and Finn can’t work out why
Dad’s mad about history, especially military stuff
If I never see the History Channel again I’ve already seen enough!
Classic cars and Antiques Roadshow also make us all moan
It’s no wonder Mum has opted out and got a sofa of her own
She sits there every evening iPad on, surfing the net
Hanging out on Ebay for every bargain she can get
Mum is big compared to Dad, when she found her Mr Right
She realised she’d got it wrong when it came to width and height!
They’re getting old and doddery now – bad eyes and greying hair
And looking forward to the future that they intend to share
They’re after a two-seater sports car once me and Finn are grown
They can’t have it now as we cost them too much, or so Dad’s heard to moan
Dad still thinks he’s a ladies’ man he loves to dance the night away
But we know that really by Mum’s side is where he wants to stay
About that meeting in ’96 Finn and me are really quite glad
As two brilliant people found each other and we got the best Mum and Dad