Fifty Fabulous Years

There’s really not that much to commend waiting for a bus
But without a bus stop in Trafalger Suare there wouldn’t be any of us
1957 – try if you can to picture the scene
Mum was a just out of pigtails and dad was only eighteen
But he must have done OK as it seems he won her arm
We think he bowled her over with his famous Geordie charm
And three years later in understated style
They got the family together as he walked her up the aisle
The photographer was a no-show and it rained all day
But that didn’t dampen the love they felt – that was there to stay
Despite several separations while Dad did his army tour
But he’d return, just to learn, they loved each other more
Kids came along and they moved about mainly to northern chill
Till they finally found the place they belonged – it had to be Bexhill!
Then Dad was busy with the police-force and finger prints galore
And Mum kept busy with the family and a part-time job or four
We have so many memories of happy times, holidays and fun
Parties and outings and days spent in the sun
In fact Mum and Dad were party mad, as kids we’d wake with a fright
As they got in and crashed about in the middle of the night
And then as we got older and were finally allowed to roam
We’d get back just find that those two still weren’t home
Dad’s a born worrier and Mum could clean all day
And never tell Mum a secret, unless you want it given away
Mum calls Dad a ‘silly bugger’ as he likes to have a joke
And she says he’s tight with money and acts like they’re always broke
We used to play squash with Dad, but he always had to win
So now we stick to snooker – and put our racquets in the bin
And over the years we’ve all done our bit adding grandchildren to the mix
And Dad has ensured that all of them know the answer to ‘six times six’
And Mum has been a brilliant Nanny filling there lives with fun
And it’s safe to say that in ‘African Camp’ her lion is second to none
There must have been times of worry and one or two times of tears
But mostly we think of laughter and love and a happy fifty years
If ever a pair were made for each other it would have to be Mum and Dad
And it’s safe to say that to be here today makes us all proud and glad
I wonder if you saw a glimpse of the life that both of you would share
As your eyes first met, and the future was set, at a bus stop in Trafalger Square