Don’t Listen to Mum and Dad

Good afternoon everybody, I’m Jason, the father of the groom
And I’m so proud and happy as I look around this room
To see so many people here sharing in this happy day
As I gain a wonderful daughter-in-law and give my son away
They say the path to true love isn’t always the smoothest one
And I think that that was certainly true when it came to our son
Partly because of timing, separations that made him sad
And partly because of disapproving noises from his mum and dad
But I have to say, as I stand here today, that I couldn’t be more delighted
As I’ve come to see what is meant to be and how you two are so truly united
It was when Olly was working down at the gym that the pair of you first met
Over a bit of equipment while Megan was working up a sweat
But unfortunately for the both of you you had to quickly call it a day
As Olly was already booked up to go off to the U S of A
He was working in Camp America but on his first day there
He phoned up and begged us to send the return air fare
It wasn’t us he was missing though, which is what we thought at the start
But because a certain young lady had already stolen his heart
He made it through the season and when he stepped back off the plane
He realised where he wanted to be was back with Megan again
But after a while, in true man-style, when ‘commitment’ reared its head
Olly took a different path and went to Oz instead
Only to find, what he’d left behind was the most important thing in his life
And that he didn’t want grog and bar-bies he wanted Megan as his wife
So back he came to re-ignite the flame and accept that he was beat
And that with Megan and Joshua in his life his happiness is complete
You’ve got to admire Megan’s staying power, hanging in there as only she can
And just like the Canadian Mounties – she finally got her man!
Although sometimes she might regret it as the most annoying thing by far
Is when Olly ferries his mates to football he insists on using her car
But then Olly’s bugged at the end of the day Megan can’t leave him alone
But tries to pin down his ETA by getting him on the phone
But really you’re a winning team, both considerate and caring
And together you’ve a future that is really made for sharing
You’ve brought out the best in each other and I do believe
That you’ll be just fantastic as Mr and Mrs Cleve
I know we had our reservations at first but what really makes me glad
Is that you followed your hearts and were smart enough not to listen to your mum and dad!