Cookie and Hattie

Hattie and Cookie were looking for love, both clicking away on the net
Trawling through notes in their inbox, wondering what they might get
And it says a lot about this pair, that Cookie wanted to date her
When Hattie’s online persona was a talking refrigerator!
It may seem a simple beginning – an inauspicious start
But within a week of texting and chats they’d won each other’s heart
Cookie you were booked to go to Kent, a week away in Deal
But Hattie couldn’t look into your eyes, overwhelmed by what she might feel
Already blown away by romance – the laughter and the affection
But when she did manage to look at you, you both couldn’t doubt the connection
Hattie couldn’t believe her luck, Cookie you’re both funny and cute
And you came with the lovely Pacino and boutique B&B to boot!
Cookie you were bowled over by Hattie’s passion and her sense of fun
And from the beginning it felt so right, you knew you’d found the one
You really are meant to be together, two perfect parts of a pair
And none of us can imagine you without the other one there
You revel in being together, love family and friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
You are amused by everything and you have a love sublime
Only slightly marred by Marmite and the naffness of shandy and lime
You’ve wined and dined in Barcelona, watched movies in San Fran
And giggled about killer chillies, as only the pair of you can
You’ve stayed in every B&B on the coast of Sussex and Kent
And have always delighted in being together wherever it was you went
You see the beauty in each other, are encouraging and caring
And together you’ve a future that is truly made for sharing
You’re both gorgeous and passionate, funny, vibrant and chatty
Partners in crime, all the time, Cookie and Hattie
If your future together, is anything like your past
Wherever you go and whatever you do you’re going to have a blast
Your partnership is recognition, a sealing of a deal
Of the love and commitment that the pair of you both feel
So starts a new adventure, and as you watch the future unfurl
We know it’ll be magical as you both have got your girl!