Come to our wedding

Mike and Caroline are getting married, hip hip hip hooray!
Safe to say their parents thought they’d never see this day
But it seems that Caroline’s finally found a man with whom she can settle
Who’s happy to share her acres of mud and has added his own rusty metal!
And Mike is just delighted that he’s going to be the hubby
Of the woman who’s like him in so many ways and whose nails are just as grubby
They may be physically different, but even that’s just fine
As Mike can reach for the high-up things and pass them to Caroline
And it’s true to say that along with tall Mike’s kind of skinny looking
But Caroline’s got that safe in hand with her fabulous home-cooking
Together they’ve built a life in the country, with goats and rabbits and sheep
And in the happy seeds they’ve planted lies the future they will reap
So come and help them celebrate and one thing’s sure to impress
For one day only you’ll get to see Caroline – in a dress!