A Windmill Wedding

A majestic ship with sails unfurled
Set in an endless sea
On midsummer’s eve in the lavender breeze
Something that’s meant to be
Rolling skies, take your breath away
Horizons go on forever
And a quiet understanding grows
That you belong together
A windmill wedding, moulded in Cley
A celebration of love and life
A transition from being the best of friends
To being husband and wife
History in repetition,
We will share this longest day
And I shall be forever touched
That we are linked in this wonderful way
You’re a pair of carefree adventurers,
Taking life with arms open wide
And whatever you do and wherever you go
You fill my heart with pride
You’ve brought us here to flat rolling fields
And a world of infinite skies
Woven the magic of midsummer’s eve
With important family ties
In this setting celebrate
The wonder of your love
Grounded in the Norfolk dust
And lifted by sails above
Remember the wonder of this longest day
When you feel the winter chill
And let kindness and compassion
Be grist to your mill
May your future be filled with happiness and love
As you face it side by side
And may your sails be turned by the winds of fortune
And your horizons be endless and wide

Mr and Mrs James

When two people meet for the first time, who knows what fate has in mind
Whether they’ll be ships that pass in the night, or forever intertwined
Paul and Caroline were often together, sometimes for as long as a week
Where they’d wine and dine and party, but somehow not manage to speak
Which is odd as Paul’s quite the chatterbox, but perhaps he felt a bit wary
When Caroline would turn up stressed and late and had the nickname ‘Scary’
It’s true Caroline can be intimidating she’s opinionated, confident and strong
But really she thinks that’s fair enough, as she’s very rarely wrong!
And Paul’s not the shy and retiring type, which is why it’s a little bit funny
That they only plucked up courage to kiss when he was dressed as a giant bunny!
So Little Red Riding Hood bagged her rabbit and their future path was set
And they certainly made up for all the lost time that had passed since they first met
They were seeing each other at weekends – doing the long-distance romance thing
Until Paul’s wardrobe was full of Caroline’s clothes and he realised she’d moved in
And after a disastrous Valentine’s meal, they realised something had to give
And they moved out of London and definitely found the most wonderful place to live
And as if that wasn’t enough of a fairy-tale ending, Paul decided to propose
So a romantic weekend in Budapest was the setting that he chose
But two sick dogs scuppered their plans and Paul ended up doing his bit
Surrounded by soggy carpets at home in a bedroom that smelled …. really rather unpleasant!
And then gorgeous little Sam was on the way and although they swear the proposal came first
We have a sneaking suspicion, those events might have happened in reverse
But it’s really not important because, at the end of the day
You’re both simply perfect for each other, in every single way
You’re both hard-working and generous, thoughtful, kind and caring
And together you’ve a future that is simply made for sharing
You’ve dealt with whatever life has brought, and supported each other through
And any challenges you face will serve to strengthen the bond between you two
I know that everyone here today is so happy to be part of your life
As you go from being the best of friends to being husband and wife
And I’m sure Sam will be delighted that when it comes to names
Mummy, Daddy, the dogs and him will all go by James
So here’s to the future – may it be filled with love, laughter and kisses
For Mr Giant Bunny and his Little Red Riding Hood Mrs!

Cookie and Hattie

Hattie and Cookie were looking for love, both clicking away on the net
Trawling through notes in their inbox, wondering what they might get
And it says a lot about this pair, that Cookie wanted to date her
When Hattie’s online persona was a talking refrigerator!
It may seem a simple beginning – an inauspicious start
But within a week of texting and chats they’d won each other’s heart
Cookie you were booked to go to Kent, a week away in Deal
But Hattie couldn’t look into your eyes, overwhelmed by what she might feel
Already blown away by romance – the laughter and the affection
But when she did manage to look at you, you both couldn’t doubt the connection
Hattie couldn’t believe her luck, Cookie you’re both funny and cute
And you came with the lovely Pacino and boutique B&B to boot!
Cookie you were bowled over by Hattie’s passion and her sense of fun
And from the beginning it felt so right, you knew you’d found the one
You really are meant to be together, two perfect parts of a pair
And none of us can imagine you without the other one there
You revel in being together, love family and friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
You are amused by everything and you have a love sublime
Only slightly marred by Marmite and the naffness of shandy and lime
You’ve wined and dined in Barcelona, watched movies in San Fran
And giggled about killer chillies, as only the pair of you can
You’ve stayed in every B&B on the coast of Sussex and Kent
And have always delighted in being together wherever it was you went
You see the beauty in each other, are encouraging and caring
And together you’ve a future that is truly made for sharing
You’re both gorgeous and passionate, funny, vibrant and chatty
Partners in crime, all the time, Cookie and Hattie
If your future together, is anything like your past
Wherever you go and whatever you do you’re going to have a blast
Your partnership is recognition, a sealing of a deal
Of the love and commitment that the pair of you both feel
So starts a new adventure, and as you watch the future unfurl
We know it’ll be magical as you both have got your girl!

Mr and Mrs Buitenwerf

Working out down the gym Dave had a sporting chance

To impress the Crossfit judges and find a new romance
But when Christine approached him with a bit of friendly chat
He gave her the brush off and she thought that was that
But they socialised together as part of the sporty team
And Dave got to chance again romance over some ice-cream
This time he didn’t blow it, he must have taken care
As they went to Tim Horton’s single, and came out as a pair!
Since they’ve been together they’ve moved at quite a pace
Moving in and out again to find their perfect place
In fact they’ve no more time for the gym there’s just so much to do
Renovating their beautiful house and making it good as new
That gives them quite a work out, although Dave could do with more
Like doing a bit of bending to pick his undies off the floor!
He leaves the cupboards open too and yogurt pots by the bed
And he sleep walks whilst saying just whatever’s in his head
But then Chris has her quirks too, Dave’s new Italian wife
Can’t even boil spaghetti, she can’t cook to save her life
Dave’s filled with disbelief he thinks it’s quite pathetic
He thought the Italian cooking thing was mean to be genetic

She’s also a cereal offender, eating breakfast whilst driving cross town
Knowing full well if she gets caught, it’s a thousand dollars down
Which as Dave likes to watch his pennies, brings him out in a rash
You’ll never meet anyone more careful, when parting with their cash
But, what can I say, these little things are outweighed by a lot
As it’s wonderful and magical what the two of you have got
Chris you’ve had to brace yourself to rub along with the Dutch
But we have to say, in every way, we love you very much
You’re a match made in heaven, both love family and friends
And when we’re in your company the laughter never ends
A trip to Blueberry Island was the thing that sealed the deal
On the love and commitment that you obviously feel
So here’s to a wonderful future filled with laughter and kisses
As along with being the best of friends, you’re also Mr and Mrs!