For Serena

Serena you are an angel, a blessing from above

You’re magical, a miracle, a bundle full of love

You’re everything we longed for as precious as a pearl

A rosy cheeked, sparkly eyed, beautiful little girl

It’s impossible to think back on life before you came

And to wonder how since your arrival things will never be the same

For Mummy and me it was a meeting of minds, souls and hearts

And then you added a new dimension to the sum of all those parts

You came out into the world holding your head up high

And you greet us with a wriggle and wave and a special little cry

You love nursery rhymes and stories – you’re always full of fun

And the smile you have when you see us is as warm as the sun

You love music and dancing and things with flashing lights

And watching you wiggle your bottom is one of our favourite sights

You’re the centre of our family one of the ties that bind

And a future full of warmth and support  is something you will find

As you travel on life’s journey and start to make your way

Friends and family will be there for you as they are today

We wish you real happiness in everything you do

As we have found real happiness has come through having you

You reach out for experiences with arms open wide

And whatever choices you make in life, we’ll be there by your side

As your mummy and daddy we can’t wait to see

Just what sort of person you’ll grow up to be

And whichever way you go in life is sure to make us glad

Especially if you include on your list – looking after your dad!

Sofia Lily Timms

Sofia Lily Timms, the perfect little peach
Growing up fast now the world is in your reach
Delightful little chubby chops, a smile to break hearts
Now that you are here with us, the real adventure starts
Beautiful big brown eyes, the longest lashes ever seen
You’re possibly the most gorgeous baby there has ever been
You’re mummy’s little angel, the apple of Daddy’s eye
You get more amazing with each moment that goes by
A Yorkshire/Italian fusion – from the Dales to the blazing sun
Wherever you are, with Mummy and Daddy, it’s always lots of fun
You’re at the heart of your family the first grandchild to appear
And we can’t imagine life anymore without having you here
Since you’ve found your feet, it’s been amazing watching you grown
Wriggly and inquisitive, you’re always on the go
You share your daddy’s birthday, the perfect gift from above
A little girl, who means the world, parcelled up with love
Daddy’s mad about football and he has a little plan
To get you supporting Man City just as soon as he can
And, as your Godparents, we want to play our part
And hope you’ll find a place for us somewhere in your heart
You’ve already won us over, with your cheeky little charm
And we’ll do our best to be there for you and keep you safe from harm
We wish you all good things in life, and hope you’ll understand
That whatever may come your way we’re here to lend a hand
Even if we’re far apart, separated by miles
We’ll always feel cheered by the thought of one of your smiles
We’re proud to be part of your life, very proud to be here
You really are a perfect peach, our Goddaughter, Sofia

Hello Little Fluffy Duck

Hello little fluffy duck
Bed-head baby boy
Your tears sound like laughter
You’re a bundle full of joy

You’re little Murray
Nine month’s old
Grasping on to life
With your firm little hold

Yet to learn of friendships
And the links of years
Filled up with memories
Laughter and tears

Yet that’s what Mummy
Has shared with me
Along with hopes for a future
That has yet to be

That future is yours
Make it what you will
And hopefully I
Will be sharing it still

Watching you grow
Sharing in your joy
Wonderful fluffy duck
Bed-head baby boy

For Freya

I looked your name up in a book
It made me smile

Lady of the Shetland Isles
Nordic in line
You’re a Norse, Scottish, Irish
Goddess of love
Heavens above!
What a designation of distinction
A magnificent moniker
Rise up and own it Freya
Your name is mighty

And so are you!