A Windmill Wedding

A majestic ship with sails unfurled
Set in an endless sea
On midsummer’s eve in the lavender breeze
Something that’s meant to be
Rolling skies, take your breath away
Horizons go on forever
And a quiet understanding grows
That you belong together
A windmill wedding, moulded in Cley
A celebration of love and life
A transition from being the best of friends
To being husband and wife
History in repetition,
We will share this longest day
And I shall be forever touched
That we are linked in this wonderful way
You’re a pair of carefree adventurers,
Taking life with arms open wide
And whatever you do and wherever you go
You fill my heart with pride
You’ve brought us here to flat rolling fields
And a world of infinite skies
Woven the magic of midsummer’s eve
With important family ties
In this setting celebrate
The wonder of your love
Grounded in the Norfolk dust
And lifted by sails above
Remember the wonder of this longest day
When you feel the winter chill
And let kindness and compassion
Be grist to your mill
May your future be filled with happiness and love
As you face it side by side
And may your sails be turned by the winds of fortune
And your horizons be endless and wide